Whispers Gentleman’s Club Grand Opening Pictures

· May 24, 2010

Whispers formally known as Body Tap had there official grand opening Friday night. I arrived at the club around 1:30,the parking lot was full and they had valet as you pull up park your car for $5.00. Cot damn valet is every where that lot used to be free… Any way the club made some major renovations to the main floor including removing the center stage that was so deep you couldn’t even touch a dancer while giving her a tip. They now have a stage in the middle of the floor as shown in the picture below. Whispers added huge mirrors through out the club to give it a vibe of being bigger then it actually is along with some huge flat screen T.V’s.

There was about 20 dancers in the building that I seen and out of that pool 7 or 8 of them would get a dance from me. Watching Kai Lynn (picture above) thick ass dance would be worth a trip to Whispers alone. I am sure the word will get out the club is officially open and promoters will start pumping up the club and it will slowly pick up to where it once was.

I can vouch that the food is good cause I ate the plate on the left with the fish. Lap dances are $10 dollars at night and $5 dollars during the day hours. The DJ was just aight,he didn’t let the songs play all the way through as if the dances were only $5 dollars. The club announced it was closing 3am to the surprise of a lot of customers. A new name,renovations and management isn’t always a quick fix but it’s a start in the right direction I think it will only be a matter of time before Whispers is at the top of Atlanta’s strip clubs options.

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  • Forty and Fly guy

    who is the one in the turqiouse dress? I’d get a dance from her!

  • jfizzle

    Nice flix. Hey now that Giselle XXX is doing porn, hopefully she can get Kai Lynn to join her since they seem to doing things 2gether.

    • http://www.dreamandhustle.com ed

      Someone already pointed out before you can see the teenage Giselle XXX grinning ear-to-ear on the top image at exploitedblackteens.com, a 90s era p0rn site. You can see her in action on the page 17 preview.

      Most cats didn’t think she was that type of female who needed to go there doing p0rn but it seems she obviously no amateur to the p0rn industry.

  • scog81

    DAMN KAI LYNN THICK!!!! 100% Natural thickness. Her AZZ is a fuckin monster!!!! SMASHING!!! I cant forget Alana Moore in pic #12(Girl in background in black). Deep throat princess. A Beast on the HEAD!!!

  • Tone

    kai Lynn got a scar under her breast she must got some work done

  • DtownBiz

    Who eats food at a strip club?

  • az