When Giving The Judge The Middle Finger Goes Wrong

· February 5, 2013


Penelope Soto finds out the hard way what happens when you flip the bird to the judge. Despite appearing before a Miami judge for a pill-induced bike crash, she found a way to find humor in her situation.

When her bond was set at $10,000, she stopped laughing and flipped off the judge. Her finger cost her 30 days in jail, the judge got the last laugh.

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Discussion3 Comments

  1. 1luv says:

    Foolish as youngster, when in front of a judge, not unless you got alot of money you then shut the hell out.

  2. Mister Mister says:

    That’s what her stupid azz gets, good luck finding a job paying you more than $200 a week now lol

  3. Aaron says:

    She thought she could charm her way out this situation.Dumb ass bitch and 1luv, you’re right unless you got 50 or jay-z money and attorneys, you just don’t do this period.

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