When did Natalie Nunn get a donk?

· February 18, 2011

Natalie got a pole swallowing donk now hmmmmm. Pictures from Natalie Nunn partying in L.A during NBA all star weekend. I didn’t know that Bria Myles was a bartender at Phillippes in L.A. Do you think she is se*y?

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  1. mr.portcity says:

    Nope…just average

  2. Stezo says:

    a horse never looked so good

  3. Cakes says:

    I don’t see the difference from when she was on BGC, they should give her a reality show

  4. MoorFedayeen says:

    Damn Bria bartends? I almost missed that. Far as Nunn, body is nice but you know the rest.

  5. joed says:

    The sexiest bartender. Natalie Nun…? MoorFedayeen said enough.

  6. Mr leftfoot says:


    nothing special but I’d smash

  7. D'mage' says:

    Maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan, that chin(look like Elvis)…..

  8. lonestar playa says:

    Damn……Wiz is a lucky man for hittin dat ass playa

  9. bloggette says:

    I don’t see it …

    What constitutes a donk nowadays ?

    • lonestar_playa says:

      she ain’t got a fat ass but she f*ckable. a “naturally god given” donk to me is maliah michel for jus an example. natalie workin wit a lil sum’n but not enuff to drive u crazy

  10. Picsou says:

    Her chin is out of this world

  11. Jimmy89 says:


  12. BigBlackDude says:

    Average club broad!

  13. Manofthehour says:

    yawn…. who is making her famous…she does not deserve any attention…

  14. sammo says:

    i don’t really like her but i do like how them titties look in pic #4

  15. GainBrain says:

    Yeah the broad aint that cute but cant nobody say nuthin about that body. The body is definitely bangin!

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