What Do You Rate Model Veronica 1-10?

· April 18, 2013

Time to pull out your scorecards.. Today’s model contestant goes by the name of Veronica. What do you rate her 1-10?


What Do You Rate Model Veronica 1-10?

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Discussion25 Comments

  1. BullnBearHP says:

    Just solid…. *holds up 8 card*

    • REX!!! says:

      Do she swallow???if not the slightly above avg.

      Shes Aiight not enough azz so she get a 7

      • Hahz says:

        You lose 3 points for not being a thick woman? So petite and average sized figure women can’t be 10’s?

        • REX!!! says:

          @hahz,Naw my dude u don’t lose pts for that but she just Aiight NOTHING STANDS OUT HERE,n when u don’t have a azz on top of it then that’s when we have to deduct pts….lol

          Rating 7….

  2. 9.1 from me. some nice rookies we have this season on ANS.

  3. Realtalkin says:

    I’m going for a 9 card! She is bangin!

  4. too_funny says:

    makeup and airbrush 6.5

    without – 3.2

  5. G says:

    *Warning* Ass Free Zone Ahead

  6. D.Nep says:

    8 at best due to no ass!…

  7. Mister Mister says:

    She’s cool, but no ass….should find a different lane because urban modeling won’t be it.

    I’d holla though

  8. President Ward says:

    Recycle pics.

  9. seattle slim says:

    If she aint a ten I’m not sure what is

  10. Big ALbert says:

    She like a 7.5-7.8

    Almost an 8 but not quite.

  11. MalleG'z says:

    She pretty as hell, and has a slightly different look, but her low end theory is lacking. No hips and azz? Ain’t nobody got time for that. 7 card

  12. jughead1 says:


  13. crabapples says:

    looks like Lauren London but not as cute. 7.

  14. Queso (The Corp) says:

    Kinda remind me of this waitress in this Dominican restaurant around the corner ..except the waitress got way more as#….give this broad a 7

  15. Tim says:

    5.6 plain Jane Spanish broad. My buddies brother came back from spring break with pictures of broads who look just like her. Dime a dozen, and Diamond sharing same cut as others a lot of others.

  16. Quai-Quai_21 says:

    I’ll give her a 7 and a half. She had to be more thicker.

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