Besides hearing about the Harbaugh Brothers over the next two weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, prepare to be inundated by all things Ray Lewis in this his final NFL season.

I’m guessing Anna Burns Welker – the Former Miss Hooters wife of Patriots’ receiver Wes – will be ignoring a lot it. A Big lead reader passed along this screen grab of Anna’s Facebook page last night after the Patriots lost to the Ravens.

Wives of athletes have to learn how to unplug from social media. I guess she didn’t learn from Gisele’s reaction after Wes Welker dropped that pass in the 2012 Super Bowl.

  • RasheedLateef

    long sigh…i agree with you H. Why the pics so blurry though?

  • MoorFedayeen

    U mad h0e?

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      @MoorFedayeen  CoSign What Moor Said
      Salute to Ray Lewis, Living Legend   , a  Polk County FL 863 Veteran ,  Win or Lose , still a great way to do it as  SuperBowl Contestant

  • BzB

    of course all she gonna do is pick on the negative aspects of ray lewis life.  like her husband is perfect.  she don’t even have her facts straight.  hating azz airhead trick.  gonna be right back at hooters bringing me my guinness when wes dumps your azz.

  • MVALLE888

    Oh Yes, Wes Welker’s wife Anna Burns Welker is one sexy NFL WAG!!!!

  • Playboy69

    Let’s Go Ravens! Ray Lewis is a Football Legend!…

  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    Paging Wes Welker              Control your hoe Bro……..

  • Presto 2.5

    and ya boy dropped another crucial catch…in another big game yesterday…
    If my memory is correct…a few plays after the great catch and BIG hit…he dropped a 3rd down in the flats…SKAARRD!…lol

  • eduble

    White people.

  • crabapples

    had to peep this broad on google.  just another skinny caucasian broad with big silicon titties and no brains.  she needs to get schooled on how the game works:  her trash talking will impact her husband’s career and performance.  dummy.

  • ginoBrown

    Pure ignorance…Ray Lewis worked extremely hard and bust his a** 2 get where he is today, a few years ago this broad was wearing a white tank top and orange booty shorts slinging hot wings 2 fat dudes then got lucky an wifed up by a rich/famous pro athlete who just so happens 2 have the same job as Ray…she said sumtin about 30% of pro athletes being dumb or classless well Wes must be part of that 30 for marrying her stupid a**.