The Gidewon group and Crown Royal Black present the first party of 2013. Welcoming Big Tigger to Atlanta hosted by T.I. Tuesday January 1st 2013. RSVP at

  • Robby

    First of all let me say I think the site is excellent. One topic that has been sorely misrepresented in is what makes a good party in atlanta. Many of these parties are extremely boring. Girls are too sidditty and people are genuinely not having a good time. The music is the same set list over and over again. Girls dont want you to talk to them or get scared if you try to dance with them. I remember how Atlanta used to be when people really didnt give a damn and just came to have a good time. It has turned into a stuntfest. I think an article investigating the changes of atlanta night life would be good as well as just a short documentary on the subject of how atlanta can be fun not as often as it used too. The love needs to come back into it and people need to start really having fun again enough of this flexing sh1t.