It’s Valentines day weekend so the ANS weekend wifey has to some one special. For a lot of men getting Gypsy DeL Rosario would be the kind of gift that keeps on giving. Make sure you check out her bonus pictures below via DynastySeries.



  • Hell yeaahh shes back finally lol. Yo @ hahz i had her in my original top 5 when i first came to your site homie. Gypsy is a 20piece. Super bad wit a phatty on her. I remember she did Rick Ross “hustlin” video & absolutely destroyed some white jeans in ghostface “baby” video. She definitely upper echelon mega corp LOL.

    Peep them white jeans fellas!!

  • She nice, whats up with the bonus pics tho?? They ain’t popping up

  • 513_Cincinnati

    Yea I would cracc that.

  • dimpledave

    Bad, way to start the month of Feb

  • Realtalkin

    Damn she is niceeee!!

  • desolation

    she aight.