Weekend Wifey ‘Blasian’

· February 28, 2010

Atl’s own weekend wifey is a blazin hot Blasian(Korean/African American) beauty. She is a Professional Model/Actress 5’7, 125 pds and has the measurements of 34-24-36. Propz:TheNOtoATl

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Discussion17 Comments

  1. LIFE says:

    I’d give her a baby…def wifey material

  2. Cold and hot says:

    125 and holding like that? She is fine too, short hair does something to me.

  3. wawa says:

    She is definitely a treasure.

  4. Grymm says:

    Wifey for real. she is so fine.

  5. Reek says:

    U aint never lie true wifey material


    i like the 3rd pic.

  7. ATLaggiN says:

    I DO!

  8. Motown318 says:

    I’d get her pregnant for the hell of it lol.

  9. HEAVY says:


  10. James Shaw, Mizzou says:

    The World needs to know her Name….Damn!

  11. PLAYA says:

    MOS DEF!!

  12. MAKE THUNNY says:

    shes cute

  13. KBiz says:

    She’s cute. Is this the chic from Nelly’s EI video. She’s riding with another blasian girl when he said, “I got a chick rollin up, half black and Asian Another one pag-in…”


  14. j says:

    Her name is Nevaeh Lee

  15. Smittie says:

    Her name is Mihwa Monk and she go by Nevaeh Lee. She Jason Weaver babyma, Ceelo Greens jumpoff, Antoine Wrights ex just to name a few. She sexy but dis broad been lock up so many times for fraud, bad checks and scams. But even her mugshots look good. Wife her at your own risk. My suggestion is fck and keep it movin.

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