Watch This Leaked 50 Cent Audition Tape For American Gangster

· October 22, 2013


An intrepid tipster just leaked us this video of 50 Cent auditioning for a role in American Gangster, the 2007 Denzel Washington drama about drug kingpin Frank Lucas’ rise to power, and there is nothing about this that is not amazing in every way.

50, who prefers to go by Curtis Jackson for his more serious acting roles, had a narrow body of work when he taped this audition—mainly just his widely panned turn in Terence Winters’ Get Rich Or Die Tryin’—but that doesn’t seem to have stopped him from putting himself up for the role of one of Lucas’ brothers, a lieutenant in his drug army.

The role 50 auditioned for ultimately went to Chiwetel Ejiofor, who is currently garnering solid Oscar buzz for Steve McQueen’s Twelve Years A Slave.

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    …my man need to keep his day job…

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