Oh, now THIS is how you jumpstart a morning.

This probably was a live ass Friday night.


VIA: Uproxx

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  • jamarxyz

    BREAKING must have been their favorite movie…that whack movie with Shabba Doo in it….you can tell by the baggy ass genie pants…it got west coast written all over it.

  • Jfizzle

    @jam, cmon man whack ? Breakin was the sh*t back in the day. Ok whack by today standards but it is a classic

    • jamarxyz

      @Jfizzle…it was whack to me…im on the east coast…cats I ran with did not wear genie pants and have names like shabba doo,and definetly did not wear wet looking shags…people on the west coast loved the movie more…Hollywood added their whack flavor too most of the HIPHOP movies that came out…but I did like WILDSTYLE…it was eastcoast and it focused on graffiti a lot…STYLE WARS was another one that really focused on graffiti.

  • Jfizzle

    I’ll give you the style of dress as being whack (im from the east coast too, specifically DC when the movie came out) I was big in to poppin when it came out . So I was glad to see on the big screen Not lockin but poppin. Hey don’t forget Beat Street!