A brawl of WWE Raw calibre broke out at a Long Island Chuck E. Cheese Saturday, with one woman throwing haymakers while holding a baby. Violence erupted between several adults after one woman threw the first punch. That happens at the 30-second mark in the YouTube video, posted Monday. Workers appear to try and break up the battle, but several women keep fighting, Patch reports. Even children can be seen trying to pull their moms out of the fray. Where a kid can be a kid, indeed. At some point during the melee, one woman’s purse was stolen, News 12 reports.

Reminds me of Tracy Morgan’s story about Crazy Mike:

  • *hurricane chris voice*…”lets get ratchet..lets get ratchet”

  • 1luv

    This is nothing but ammunition for the white man to call us animals. They see this silly crap and want to label all black women like this.

  • MoorDetroitRed

    Zimmerman got off because of fools like this. Image is all a ppl have and ours is shot to sh1t

  • JGoode

    There were white ppl involved too. Stop with the nonsense about image. The “white man” does the same ignorant shlt