Watch The Video of 50 Cent & Erin Andrews Awkward Kiss At The Daytona 500

· February 24, 2013


Erin Andrews and 50 Cent are making headlines this weekend, thanks to an awkward kiss moment between the two.

50 Cent seemed very happy to see the reporter, greeting her with a hug and a series of kisses, but the ESPN reporter appeared to be in the “I’m working so no kiss mode.” She turned her face away from the rapper/businessman, just as he was leaning into her cheek for more kisses. All camera angles focused on her grimace.

The “50 Cent Erin Andrews” kiss became social media trending topic, specifically on Twitter with multiple retweets and jokes, ranging from whether the rapper was trying to be awkward, or creepy or in the mood to make out with the pretty reporter.

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  1. Mister Mister says:

    Hilarious, all across the board

  2. Esko says:

    fif was probly drunk or somethin…

  3. M0311 says:

    Never know what to expect from 50.

  4. Esko says:

    He definitely smashed that.

  5. Ceasar says:

    Trust when i tell you he beat that! White girl at a nascar event cant go hard on a blk dude and 50 knows that but when your a 100million plus mogul you cant do what you want.

  6. MoorFedayeen says:

    He hit that but should have kept it G with a conservative hug. That’s her livelihood in jeopardy if she was in the open with it. LOL at the comments on YouTube. White boys going hard, again.

  7. lazarus says:

    I’ve never really seen the hype round this string bean olive oil lookin…. I Digress, them boi’s is emotional on youtube tho. Espn Known for they female reporters blowing down the story tho. New new’s not really. These cats act like ain’t nobody givin the midgard to these so-called high profile jawns mane. They prolly the freakiest pastor daughter’s out there. JMHO, SMH. Why is this news anyway???

  8. bighomie53 says:

    Yea he had the drunk face, ol girl was tryna get the hell away from his a$$ “we’re gonna go see what Danica Patrick is doing” while he tried to front her off in public… Whether he smashed or not she didn’t want no parts of his over-the-top antics!!!!! 50 a f#ckin clown…

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