Watch The Real Husbands of Hollywood Episode 4 Featuring Esther Baxter & Bria Myles

· February 6, 2013


Last night the Real Husbands of Hollywood (episode 4) had two of the top 10 video vixens Esther Baxter & Bria Myles on the show.

In the fourth episode, the gloves are off when Kevin flirts with boxer Shane Mosley’s girlfriend. Elsewhere, Duane puts the focus on his investment.

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  1. presto 2.5 says:

    What you do post the whole show @Hahz?…lol

    and i guess yall gonna let that “Yaris at the BBQ” slide(Major weggie)?…(ANS inside joke…from last year)…yall young’ns couldnt let that go…

    Those “Floaties” would save a drownding man in distress…

  2. Damn I luv me some esther LOL. @hahz, bria myles was on episode #1. Last night Kevin had esther Baxter & shane mosley’s chick on there looking awesome!!!

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