Watch history as President Obama gets sworn in at his 2nd inaguration along with his speech of grati*ude.

  • MoorFedayeen

    If his policies were half as good as his speeches, we’d be straight, well off but unfortunately, he’s nothing but talk. Let the record reflect.

    • RasheedLateef

      @MoorFedayeen not today man lol

      • President Ward

        @MoorFedayeen MAN STFU!

        • MoorFedayeen

          @President Ward  @MoorFedayeenlol Sheed. What better then today? Truth has no days off. And let the record reflect.

        • Mister Mister

          @MoorFedayeen  @President Ward  I think it’s because it’s MLK Day & that a dream has been realized, 50 years ago Dr King delivered had his I Have A Dream speech & now the first black president was re-elected to his 2nd term

        • MoorFedayeen

          @Mister Mister  @President Ward “Realized”??? Blacks are far worse off as a whole then we were during the Civil Rights era. Wake up. Our streets were safer. So many of our woman weren’t single parents and the slut culture was not widespread or even known of. AIDS and other STDs? More black males in prison then college? How bout the homicide rate? These are all things we didn;t have. Mister you are oblivious. Today was actually yesterday. And what I mean is blacks didn’t have it nearly as hard back then or as much to worry about. Those were the good days.

  • BzB

    congrats to obama.  can’t expect perfection from an imperfect man/world/system.  all we can do is challenge him and all our representatives at every level to do better.  it’s kinda hypocritical to complain but not participate.

    • crabapples

      @BzB Kinda hypocritical is saying it nicely.  if you dont vote and don’t get involved in local politics, then i say STFU.