The 30-year-old hip hop star took to her new Instagram page earlier today to share an almost-naked photo of herself and, no, it wasn’t in honor of throwback Thursday.

“#ThongThursdays,” the beauty shared along with a pic of her booty in a teeny, tiny pink thong that left very little to the imagination. In the snapshot, Minaj appears topless as she shows off her bare back, bum and right arm.

Afterwards, she posted another Instagram shot of herself from a past photo shoot in a kitchen with the caption, “B4 I post more #thongthursdays Check out this #throwbackThursday photo shoot pic.” In the shot, a clothed-Minaj sports white heels, tiny skintight black shots and a white motorcycle jacket.

In a third Instagram pic she posted yesterday (but has since deleted), Minaj tried to get another trend going on the social networking site. What’s Wednesday’s trend you ask? “#CamelToeWednesdays,” Minaj shared along with a photo of her in a bright pink bra and pink tights that hugged every curve of her body.

  • 1luv

    Still not impress!

  • one of the ultimate dickteasers lmao

  • Bob

    fake ass is still fake ass. fail and pass. get this plastic beach ball booty all the way outta here!

    • Mister Mister


  • ginoBrown

    Queen of the plastics

    • Playboy69

      @gino….PREACH!….All Hail the QUEEN OF TEAM FAIRY TALES STRONG! Nicki Minaj is about that FAIRY TALES LIFE!….LOL!

  • Scola

    Fake booty is still soft at the end of the day. I’m assuming none of you clowns been with something like that….Meek Mills was right Levels smh.

    • Playboy69

      @Scola….Assuming Wrong!…. Why the Hell you think I embrace TEAM FAIRY TALES STRONG!….It’s Where the Magic Happens….LOL!

      • BullnBearHP

        ^^^^ lol^^^^

  • MoorDetroitRed

    I find it funny how this girl always releases pics like this under a condition. We’ll never see a straight on pic of her in a thong cause it looks hideous. Sorry Playboy

    • Playboy69

      @moor…WTF U TALK ABOUT!….Nicki Minaj in a Thong rite here×435.jpeg she can make you TAP OUT!….It’s TEAM FAIRY TALES STRONG!

      • MoorDetroitRed

        Exactly. Shrouded in water. Why not just standing straight up?

        • Playboy69

          @moor… Nicki Minaj needs too see a HUGE PAY CHECK for that!….. The silcon is not cheap!….LOL!

          • Xman

            would you beat though? I don’t see why men make fun of woman they would smash. Seems like something hating women do.

          • MoorDetroitRed

            Nigga on the strength of the fame and fortune YES I would but on some regular ish NO

  • Afrika

    I’d smash regardless.

  • Blaq Cezr

    This chick use to work at one of the Hood Locker stores in my home town.

  • RED(MGC)

    Ass fake but that muffin real in pic 2


  • Cakes(shake responsibly)

    Scola probably has a fake butt chick at home and he wants to feel better about it smh misery loves company..lmao faking the funk sorry you will never convince me that ish is cute… why do you think those bitches deny having their azz done..because they know how silly it sounds and looks.

  • Mister Mister