Nicki Minaj goes on to tell Stephanie that she only voted against her because they’re wearing the same color eye shadow (bright pink) and that apparently makes them rivals. Mariah shakes her head, saying, “This is what I deal with.” This leads to the first of many Nicki / Mariah cat fights in Chicago.


  • Bob

    Stupid heifer. Next to the dictionary definition of “fake”, there should be a picture of nicki minaj. Take a good look at that dumb broad. She a fckuing caricature. Her azz is fake, her tits is fake, and her hair is fake.

    How do you go from a dark haired, skinny, hardcore spittin rapper from NY, into a bubble gum pink blonde hairded silicone tits and azz fool?!!

    SMDH at this chick.

    • crabapples

      +100 minaj is a hoodrat with zero class. i dont watch sh1t like this but if I did i’d skip it. if i want to see whiny hoodrats then i’d watch love and hip hop.

      • Bob

        +100 plus on love and hip hop at least you get to peep real booty.

    • Datsrht

      1000% agree! Preach on……

  • TruDat

    Black people elevate these no-talent A$$ Simps to star status and then surprised when they lack Humility. GTFOHWTBS

    One love

    • MoorFedayeen

      N1gga you sound like a gotdamn fool. Aint nobody in the music industry black, only the puppets in front of the cameras. This is all Zionist controlled trash. And even still, blacks don’t buy this bullsh1t on Itunes or go to the shows like suburban whites. Get that sh1t STRAIGHT

  • E-Dub

    Wow. SMH.

  • joe

    How can she judge talent when her success is based off of superficiak gimmicks-not talent. agree with th talent and class being essential cause soon the rap money will dry up and she wont have no fall back plan and no money and no respect. just a closet full of dumb ass barbie shit. u cant even sell that at a yard sale

  • Mister Mister

    Nicki will never see the status that Mariah has, Mariah is a legend. Real talent, classic songs, hundreds of millions of albums sold & longevity.

    Nicki’s ego will be her downfall. I think her fans are mostly youngins with poor self esteem, like Nicki & can’t think for themselves

    • Bob

      And bitchi minaj know this that’s why she hate Mariah.

  • ginoBrown

    This broad been a clown for a minute now she is turning into a certified fool…an like ol boy up top said how can she judge real singing talent when she has no real singing ability of her own? Without the help of auto-tune an other studio equipment she probably sounds like a cat scratching on a windshield.