Toronto’s City Council descended into chaos on Monday afternoon during a debate about stripping Mayor Rob Ford of most of his remaining powers following a string of scandals, including his admission to smoking crack cocaine, abusing alcohol and acknowledgment of a leaked video of Ford threatening to kill a man.

In the meeting, Ford and his brother Doug, a council member, mocked critics, with Councillor Ford calling them “scu*bags.” In the midst of some “angry exchanges,” Rob Ford then rushed council member Pam McConnell, who regained composure and attempted to calm Ford down.

Via Salon

Rob Ford/ Chris Farley mash up

  • Greg4422

    lol the audio doesn’t match what I saw on the video…this is ridiculous

  • BzB

    cocaine is a hell of a drug. and that farley vid got me roflmao

  • MoorThugRelated

    Media won’t handle him like they handled Kilpatrick.

  • Afrika

    That’s the reality of politics these days, Selfish, fortunate and spoiled grown ass men who really have nothing better to do.

  • 1luv

    Man he just needs to step down because his rep is damage.

  • Cakes(overtime)

    I dont think he meant to knock that woman over he was trying to get at someone else.. can you imagine how much energy he has to use to move all that like to us he didnt look like he was moving fast but I bet his heart was beating like crazy