Kanye West chose his Abu Dhabi performance as the location to take his costumes to creepy level.

Yeezy is in the Lady Gaga lane now you never know what he is going to wear on the stage. Check out the video below live from the du Arena at Yas Island  where he pulled out the Maison Margiela Haute Couture crystal mask and straight jacket.


  • President Ward

    This dude a straight up goofball.

  • dopeness..but look at the amount of phones out suring the performance lol. it was like that but twice as much at the wtt concert in n.o.

    • *during

      • President Ward

        @Lateef I miss the old Kanye West. The College Dropout was a hot album.

        • 1luv

          Cllege dropout to Graduation are the best albums he ever done. But dude is going out of the way to be different.

          • President Ward

            Graduation was a hot ablum to.

          • BzB

            @1luv…you exactly right. his best albums was his early ones. then he started doing that european cornball rap.

  • ginoBrown

    shock value

  • jamar

    he’ll never see a dollar of my money.