Watch Joe Budden Step To Consequence At Hot 97

· February 5, 2013


Love & Hip-Hop own Joe Budden and Consequence finally faced off in the HOT 97 building and the camera were rolling to capture it.

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  1. SdotP says:

    Consequence didn’t have to explain shit.

  2. Eddie F says:

    nigga said “i was on 10 cause a b1tch was out there running her mouth”….. Instant L

  3. QB says:

    Consequence… is NOT a heavywieght in the street…His side of Linden Blvd… is NOT gangster…

  4. Damn cons looking bad here smh. That radio station pumped cons up & now he moonwalking lol. This ain’t nuthin tho. #small time

  5. Camaro434 says:

    Cons looked like a real bitch with all the explaining. He played hisself. Bad

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