Jason Williams is still making ESPN highlight worthy assists. If wondering where in the world White Chocolate plays, Williams is still technically retired—he was in Taiwan to play in an “alumni exhibition game.” Pure conjecture, but: I think he could still collect fines in the NBA.

Via: Ball Don’t Lie


  • Damn nice pass homie. What happened to him tho? The nba gassed him to be the next pistol Pete when he was in the league. Never was a championship caliber point guard I suppose

  • lazarus

    actually, they say his knees couldnt hold up. Jay’s handle is stupid, he regularly left cats stam\nding still.

  • Ice

    dude has great court vision and awareness.

  • Chronos

    That’s the craziest sh1t I seen in my life and i’ve seen a lot of basketball. That shit is crazy.

  • Fuddie

    Yeah that was nasty