Watch What Happens When Homer Simpson Votes for Mitt Romney in Funny Simpsons Preview

· September 20, 2012

Can you believe the Simpsons been going strong for 24 seasons now. Who will Homer Simpson vote for in the 2012 Elections? Barack Obama or Mitt Romney?

Homer as the American’s American, poking fun at the voter ID law, the Presidential candidates, and the potential outcomes of their hopeful policies.

[Props Mashable]

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  1. D.A. says:


  2. Mister Mister says:

    LOL! Still going strong!

    LOL@ the slogan for Mitt Romney “I Got a House in Your State”

  3. BzB says:

    romney…”i got a house in your state”

    obama….”keep hoping”

    …suicide nets for workers in china

    too much lol

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