“It’s been a key n——r inaugural spot for over 150 years.” Unfortunately for the local news reporter, the video now has over 30,000 views on YouTube.

  • TruDat

    Nothing ever surprises me that comes out the mouths of “white” devils. just another day in the world of “hidden” Racism……Cowards

    One Love

  • MoorFedayeen

    Freudian slip

  • Bob

    SMDH and people talk about “post racial america”. Racism is trying to destroy blackness, post racialism is a denial of blackness. What a f-ing joke.

    • President Ward

      But there the one’s doing all the mass shootings in america.

      • Bob

        Word! And they call black people “savages”. LMAO! Black people never systematically, and I emphasize systematically, because white folk devised and organized a deviant system of rape, slaughter, torture, enslavement, dehumanization, and racism for centuries. Yet call us black people “savages”. The nerve of these white folk!

  • President Ward


  • queso (The Corp)

    Nah she meant to say that shi# that wasnt no slip..U can tell! Plus this is Fox 5 come on!

    • BzB

      +1. she said what she meant

      • presto 2.5

        **Reporter Voice**…”These niggers are going crazy in this bytch!!!…I’ve never seen so many niggers in one place…and all of them are calling each other coons…and laughing about it…my whyte azz is bout to get it crunk and hit this phatty my nigger friend is handing me…..Back to you Bob”


        ((But Prest this isnt a laughing matter?))…lmao!

        • presto 2.5

          “We got bigger issues…than the obvious…”

  • E-Dub

    Probably walking around her house all day saying is that way.

    • Bob

      Word. People think racism is dead but nobody know what people are doing thinking saying in the privacy of their own home. And looking around on ANY site on the internet, racism is alive and well.

      • MoorFedayeen

        @Bob don’t nobody think racism is dead. White folks just love to ignore silent facts.

        • love to (ignore) silent facts? Nahh they love to
          (re direct) the facts. Who do you think invented the term “race card”? Being discriminated against is not joke and dam sure is not a f#king card. They are cunning and are redirecting right in front of our faces.

          (Example for those who don’t understand)

          You get pulled over because you black, and speak on it? “Aww he is playing the race card” this term is designed to make YOU feel foolish, and shut the f#ck up about real issues that the black man sees on a daily basis.

          • MoorFedayeen

            Real Rap^^^^

  • YMCA

    Dumb dudes on this blog.That was a slip of tongue. She didn’t mean to say that.
    Now which one of you haven’t said anything racist before. Cracker e.t.c even in the comfort of your own homes. When you read black blogs(MINUS ATLNIGHTSPOTS) there is an obvious case of racism. Things like “In white people news”. You never see “In black people news” on a white blog. You niggas are more sensitive than my cat. Why should these even bother you when we have so much separation amongst ourselves #Teamchocolate #teamredbone #teamcaramel childish teams that is not putting money in our pockets or helping us invest.
    Why TF are you guys even fighting for Obama when clearly his mum is white and his dad is African and let me tell you what you don’t know. An African would take a white person over an African American. Letting you know what is said in the comfort of African homes. #justsaying

    • You make good since but the African comment is old news. We know they don’t like African Americans. They say we’re lazy.

      • jamar

        i got some Nigerian friends im cool as hell with…everything in life varies.

    • presto 2.5

      you speak truth…but…

      “Why should this even bother you when we have so much separation amongst ourselves”

      …then you go into some ANS horseplay shyt…”#TC-Redbone-Carmamel”

      our preference of ladies..is jus as minute as this ladies slip of tongue…and its not childish…cause each “Team” all consists of faithfuls to this site..#WolfPack..and we all have our own personalities like Fam…i make my own money from many avenues…and ANS is not one of them…lol…i’m not looking for investment advice…because if i was..i would let my cake do the talking(@Hahz isnt hard to reach)…i express my opinions on real life subjects…and who da fuk you want us to “Fight” for Romney?…no..no..you are like @Moor and want us to sit on our azz looking pityful…we didnt and dont give a fuk if his “mums” is white…

      and let me tell you what you dont kno…”If an “African” is looking at color of skin…and not the most knowledgeable for the position…someone who could make you the most money..provide the best service..or whatever the fuk you talk’n bout…who plays the fool?”


    • SoGood

      THANK YOU!! @ YMCA. Finally a MF on this site with some sense. “White people are the one’s doing all the mass shootings” are you kidding? NO ONE is killing black people faster & as frequently as BLACK PEOPLE are killing eachother real talk. We’re mass killing ourselves & the racists are sitting back & laughing @ our dumb black a$ses. Yes racism still exists big news flash! Get over it cause it ain’t never going away. We need 2 work on having unity within our own people so we can overcome it & stop blaming ‘whitey’ 4 every damn thing.

  • Jamnor

    To bad she couldn’t freestyle, she obviously got thrown off by her TelePrompTer and was not smart enough to skip over it. We have to remember, most of those reporters are reading from a TelePrompTer in and out of the studio, and sometimes those slip ups may come from the info they are being sent. Thought if was kind of funny my self, to watch this woman make a complete ass of herself! In all actuality, what she did actually makes her a “nigger” in every since of the word.

  • Who Dat

    White devils?? Seriously, that’s the best you got for us white folk?