Warren Sapp In The Arrears $728,100 On Alimony and Child Support Payments

· February 6, 2012

Retired NFL star Warren Sapp is seeking a reduction on his $60,000/month alimony and child support payments to his ex-wife.

According to court docu*ents filed in Florida, as part of his divorce judgment back in 2007, Sapp was ordered to pay $15,000/month in support for his two kids and another $45,000/month in alimony.

But Sapp’s ex, Jamiko, claims that since March 2010, he hasn’t been following the terms of the judgment. She claims he’s been paying random amounts each month and NOTHING at all for two of the months.

Jamiko claims Warren’s missed payments amount to $728,100 and filed a motion asking a judge to enforce their divorce agreement according to TMZ.

This right here is one of the leading causes of why retired Athletes end up broke.

  • KyleB

    hopes he keeps that broadcasting job

  • Atlien

    Warren has two other baby mamas who sued and are also getting child support. thats why he is in the hole.

  • TheTruthATL

    That’s fucking ridiculous, no child needs that much money!

  • trap101

    45k a month in alimony???? and this isn’t even a major case, damn. She could get half of that, work at the mall for 4 hrs a day and she’s still laughing…..I’d be upset too having to pay that much.

  • Downbydariver

    Damn Sapp….the hoes krazy, stay getting over, nigga cant never win, niggaz better just start getting lewinsky & call it the day….

  • TruDat

    a message to “all” ugly a$$ athletes…….these women don’t love yo stupida$$es, but they will take yo A$$ to the financial cleaners if you allow them too………….No sympathy from this end. LOL

    One Love

    • E.O.Beezy

      True Words

  • Chi Capitan

    That’s ridiculous. But anytime you step outside your marriage like he did the judges have no mercy on you whatsoever. If you aren’t going to be real then just stay single and don’t get anyone pregnant

  • BigBlackDude

    Stupid niccca, pay for the kids, sorry azz!