A 27-year-old mother of two has been fatally shot by an off-duty sheriff’s deputy after he suspected her of shoplifting at a Houston Walmart.

Harris County Sheriff’s deputies have said that victim Shelly Frey, Tisa Andrews and Yolanda Craig were stealing when they were confronted by Louis Campbell a 26-year veteran of the force who works as a security guard at the store.

According to Campbell the women ran to their car and when he rushed to open the door, they accelerated away – at which point he fired the deadly shot into the car which hit Frey in the neck.

Security at the store on the 14000 block of the North Freeway had noticed the three women ‘stuffing items inside their purses’ and notified Campbell, who was working an extra job that evening.

Investigators with Harris County said the three women even attempted to pay for some small items to act as a cover for the shoplifted ones.

After chasing Frey and the other two women to their car, Campbell opened the door and commanded Frey to get out. But she refused, officials said

Andrews began to drive away while the deputy was standing between the open door and the driver’s seat.

‘She threw it in reverse and tried to run over the deputy,’ said Harris County Sheriff’s Office spokesperson Deputy Thomas Gilliland.

‘He confronted the suspects at exit of the store before they left. One female wouldn’t stop, struck the deputy with her purse, ran off.’

‘I think it knocked him off balance and, in fear of his life and being ran over, he discharged his weapon at that point.’

nside the car as it was speeding away were two small children – investigators have said that they were not Frey’s children.

Gilliland said it was clear that the deputy was law enforcement.

‘He was clearly marked in uniform as a Harris County deputy. And identified himself as the suspects were leaving the establishment,’ said Gilliland to KHOU.Com Read more here..


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  • HAR125LEM

    He said fukk christmas and her kids. SMH!

  • Lola

    shoplifting is punishable by death now huh?

  • Now Thats Pcp

    No excuses 4 this 1, shopplifting or not, she didnt deserve 2 die….bet he was a european, these racist need some real discipline

    • blackmanofsteel40

      You try to run me over..You’re getting shot too. Two tears in a bucket.

      • Now Thats Pcp

        Either u a coon, soft, or dont understand how media n the police work…she wasnt driving n the only who claimimg the gaurd was ran over was the spokesperson for the police

      • Justin Sider


        • Justin Sider

          Lame Ass Nigga say:

          “You try to run me over..You’re getting shot too. Two tears in a bucket”

      • Justin Sider


  • G

    watching a show on cnbc now on shoplifting

  • BrownSugar

    Heard on the news, her kids weren’t there. They belonged to one of the other chics. Her 2 yr has sickle cell & she couldn’t work. Where was the child’s father? No child support? SSI?

  • Uptownrae

    he was dead wrong,now what if he hit one of the kids instead , mall cops always fishing for action type dudes walk around with thr walky talky on thr days off.

    • S.W.ATL MADE

      He was an actual deputy sheriff working an off duty job not a mall cop

  • FLY1773

    put yourself in the cops shoes for a min…he clearly had on a sheriffs uniform and she purposely tried to run him over…would u rather read.’Off duty cop killed by shoplifter”..smh dont do crime and maybe yo ass wont get shot ijs

  • WJR803

    That dumbass chick was banned from walmart already lol, but taking her life he was wrong for that. But at least she cant steal from walmart anymore. Looking like a team chocolate member, def can’t trust those idiots.

    • MoorFedayeen

      **Smacks this clown’s kufi to the floor**

      My n1gga she aint no part of #TC. Just cause she brown skin don’t make any woman entitled to carry the brand. Remember that.

    • S.W.ATL MADE

      He was an actual deputy sheriff working an off duty job

  • MoorFedayeen

    Y’all keep co-signing this fuq sh1t and some of our ppl gonna keep doing it, setting us back. What type of b1tch bring kids with her to shoplift???? Where’s the accountability on her part or was it just the “white man’s” fault? And you know how pro-black I am (so don’t start) but if you on the other side of the law like this then fuq you-you an enemy of my cause. Hell, this chick had been convicted before of the SAME DAMN crime, was told by a judge not to go in Wal-Mart’s as part of her probation but didn’t learn a damn thing. Should I feel sorry?

    *scrolls up to rachet azz picture, scrolls back* “F*ck NO!”

    • jamar

      the sh!t she did was stupid,and i cant respect a crook,but would you take it that far to shoot her in the neck…some chopped fingers,maybe.

      • MoorFedayeen

        Naw @jamar had he shot her outside the car on foot then HELL NO, he wrong but the rachet b1tch assaulted him with her purse then tried to run him down with her car. I never had a problem like this when I worked retail in Detroit but just know, I wouldn’t hesitate to put 6 .40 slugs in a n1gga or a rachet b1tches windshield if I jumped in front of her car to stop her and she continued to accelerate. Its lights out! Gotta draw the line somewhere and this is no loss here. Ppl like her needed to weeded out. Sounds callous but I’m sick & tired of the embarrassment. The media LOVES to show stories like this. They killed a white boy in the burbs a few weeks back up here for doing the same, minus the kids in the car, but it never made national news. Wonder why.

        • 1luv

          I live in Houston and don’t feel sorry for this nut one bit. Just had to push her luck and ended up getting killed. The way I see it, if she has no problem stealing from Walmart. What makes you think she won’t have a problem going to your business and do the same.

  • jamar

    what does walmart sell thats worth an execution…he coulda shot the tires…sounds like a bloodthirsty murderer.

  • Reol

    I live in Houston and I don’t feel sorry for her either. It starts from stealing in walmart to breaking into people’s home with guns. In Nigeria, if you steal something worth $1 is the same punishment as something worth $1,000,000. Do not steal moral of the lesson. Anything you get whilst stealing you accept your fate.

    • 1luv

      Same here, I have no pitty for people that steal, and I don’t care if you male or female.

  • md

    Damn shame! Police r trained to shoot to stop a person and trained to shoot with dealy force black or white she didn’t deserve to die he stood in between the driver side door and she reversed he could of easily jumped out of the way fired some warning shots or even hit the tires he new what he was gonna do when he ran over to that car and told hiself if this bitch makes another mover he was gonna shoot to kill he was already pissed he got hit with the bag he was thirsty for a killing! Point black.


    Similar incident took place in ATL dude tried to steal a DVD player out of Walmart & the security guard put him in a choke hole and he died

  • DCAssLuva

    damn i wont shop lift a soda and bag of chips again never know what these renta cops gonna do lol. all jokes aside thats not right.U hardly never hear security or police treating woman this way.

  • queso (The Corp)

    Yea well I feel sorry for her wit her ratchet azz….would he have shot her if she was white? Seriously doubt it…these crackas still mad obama won and wanna take it out on niccas every chance they get.

    • jamar

      good point.