Waka Flocka recently confronted goons in Chicago claiming GD.

  • Greg4422

    I saw this on WSHH, and they said this occurred in Tampa Florida…they both looked weak here to me

  • Proud-Blk-Nerd

    I was born and raised in Chicago (south side)…I think he might be out of his league. Those fools have NO sense of restraint!

  • MoorThugRelated

    Niggas 30+ talking gang shit. Losers of the lowest order and they kicked rocks when Waka stepped to them. This is what I mean when I say the inner city murder rate aint always a bad thing because its often guys like this laying in chalk. I’m thankful to the mam above for that. Thank you based God

  • NowWhiteInMyCup

    lame azz niggaz f@#k nigga sagging, b@#ch made niggaz the reason why real niggaz mixed up with fcuk boys like these

    you know the type, the n.ggaz that was on first 48 crying and snitching first chance they got

    • 4xtra

      that is the gods honest truth
      **Snitchin in da “First 48 hour azz ” niggaz**