Waitress Of The Day: Charisma J’von

· March 20, 2014

Most club owners no by now that a good looking waitress is a thirst trap which leads to more Alcohol sales.Are yall feeling Jersey Girls Charisma J’von?
@CJ_CHARISMA Instagram: MissMulatto


  • NoWhiteInMyCup

    she aiiiiiightt her grill a lil slanted

    • R.E.X.!!!

      A yo….it is some bad BIGBOOTY bartenders out their especially in the ATL,CHITOWN,N.Y.,MIAMI,LA…but they get hit on by every baller,athlete,player,etc…in the book u gotta get N where u fit N and u just might be able to pull one of em,if ur game is tight enough


  • President Ward


    • bobevil

      lol. yeah. she would get the swerve.

  • 828jeffe

    She is okay but the bar has been set high for Waitresses. Winny etc….

  • Shizz

    She could get the tip..

  • KutDawg

    Ho aint shit w/o makeup. That ass tho.

    • http://atlnightspots.com B Strait UP (BP/MGC)

      Damn lol

  • Cakes(overtime)

    Hmmm interesting comments this further proves my point that in the U.S. homegrown beauties are pegged lower than “exoticals” . It’s really sad because half the time theyre(homegrowns) waaay better looking. If we’re looking at total package this girl is leaving Winny in the dust..and that Stephanie elyse chick and majority of the other starlet bartenders and tatted up holly and who else bartends? Definitely better than ug mug Mesha…So blessed and the rest of that tranny looking crew lol I mean seriously what are you guys looking at?

    • http://atlnightspots.com B Strait UP (BP/MGC)

      “Leaving winny in the dust”^^^^ # worst comment ever

      stop playing @cakes. All that ” exoticals” and “homegrown beauties” stuff is falling on deaf ears. Bottom line: “a nice looking chick is a nice looking chick”. Don’t matter if she’s exotic or homegrown!!!!

      U still wanna play with Portia ‘ s hair don’t u lol?

      • Cakes(overtime)

        Whatever maybe left in the dust was an exaggeration but come on look at the comments she’s getting it doesnt fit unless what I say is TRUE…another good example Ashanti vs Tae…

        Bstrait I dont want to go near pastyface portia’s hair font provoke me lol

        • bobevil

          Is stephanie elyse ass fake?

          • Cakes(overtime)

            Her azz is big and widespread like Mz. Dr so it might be real but I have no idea, these girls are doing all they can for the extra looks…

    • Mister Mister

      You really are reaching with the Winny comment, Cakes lol. This girl got nothing on Winny.

      This girl is smash & dash material, nice nipple ring too

  • LouieVtheKING

    around the way girl

    • Cakes(overtime)


  • MoorThugRelated

    And she got then nipples pierced. I like sh1t like that.