This is what happened after a group of women were Twerking in San Francisco. Look at the faces of the people watching them twerk.

  • K-iller (DaCorpNigga)

    Shout outs to homie who got u on dat ass on the train! Same isht I woulda did! White ppl looked horrified! Lmaoooo Twerk

  • Absolute disgrace. Smh.

  • hahaha nice. watch someone takes this video serious and calls it a disgrace lol.

    • MoorDetroitRed

      How should we take it Rasheed ? Better yet how should the (white) jurors over at the George Zimmerman’s trial take it? They let that man go and I’m SURE you gonna throw yo hands like “wtf just happened?” You acted like a animal and got treated like one-that’s what just happened.

      Doing coon sh1t like this in general public around old folks and kids is wack and needs to be left in the clubs and at home. Its like you 90s babies were sent straight from hell. I ain’t met one I liked yet.

  • Willy_b

    I can see the Asian dudes right now “look at black monkeys shake booty, ahhhsooo”

  • The TRUTH

    At times I think we as a ppl are 1of the most promising races on the planet but with these types of displays I am reminded that we are THE MOST RATCHET MF’s on THE PLANET

  • Trap *

    watch crackas take the shit & make money off of it.

    • MoorDetroitRed

      Yup cause that what they do best-exploit dumb azz blacks like these here. I don’t blame them.

  • Fdat

    Dude in the wheelchair start bouncing like fuck this I can still get on some azz.

  • Esko

    The dog at 01:03 – 01:05 with the shades. He knows wassup.

  • jfizzle

    This funny!! I might have to produce one of the video, be like the Harlem Shake videos?

  • Jamez

    if it was miley cirus then they would be cheering

  • smh

  • bighomie53

    Aye doe this sh!t is cool because it’s always good to see a chick shaking some a$$ but Caramel Kitten got them faded with the public a$$ shaking gimmick!!!!!!!!!! #WP

    • queso (The Corp)

      Ewwwww weeee yes she does!! N at least she stops if somebody comes around or whatever… This shi# was embarrassing in my opinion.

  • therealjiggaboo

    We in trouble

  • base

    Keep this up and we will have Michelle Obama twerking at the white house!!! shm damn shame why cant blacks at civilized.

  • RunTellDat

    At the end of the day, it was a PRANK video, but yeah i get it. That dog bobbin’ his head had me rollin!!! Like “imma hump one of deez bytches”

  • miller

    one word rachet twerkin shit is gettin out of hand smh