With no affiliation, co-sign or major label deal Trinidad James has been the most talked about artist in ATL for a couple months now. “All Gold Everything” is the infectious song that has everyone talking and dancing in the clubs. I got a chance to talk to Trinidad in Fly Kix fresh off of his performance at FAMU with Rick Ross.

Check out his Goldcronicles series

Follow Trinidad James as he travels to Nashville, TN and New York City for a performance, along with a few industry meetings.

Listen to Grip Plyaz x Trinidad James x Go Dreamer “F*kk Off”.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Taking this hipster sh1t WAY too far. 10 years ago this dude would of NEVER got a sec of shine just on the strength of his look.

    • Its a new day, fashion evolves. 10 years ago niccas were rocking 5x tees down past there pockets.

      • MoorFedayeen

        WRONG Hahz. I NEVER wore a 5x white tee and neither did you (don’t lie). That sh1t was wack then and its wack now. Only project dirt hustlers wore tall dress tees. Did you see this guy’s video? He’s worse then Chief Keef and someone is hyping him to the top. He wack man, no hate. Show me something and I’ll say otherwise.

        • Moor you don’t even like any new rappers.. I am not going to go back n forth on why people dress how they dress now.

          • MoorFedayeen

            And you always co-signing f*ck shyt. And ppl don’t be agreeing with you like the Black Chyna clubbing post. Keep it funky Hahz, you aint neva wore no 5x tee so why you co-sign it? This brotha’s music is as weak as his outfits. I actually expected the opposite and gave him the benefit when I looked him up. I was right and wrong at the same time.

            Man @Hahz we gonna have to meet up at Onyx to get all this hate straight.

            LOL, you gone get this work!

      • dusty

        what fashion is this though! i dont anything high fashion or fashion about this. dude is just a hypebeast dressin dude. his music just like atl

  • Birdman202

    pants are hideous everybody want to look sweet now adays

  • BzB

    dude look like big gipp a lil bit

  • Birdman202

    Yes fashion evolves but this style is more of a trend also makes men look like hoes. 5 years from now it will be something else but i have never followed no fashion trend. My relaxed fits will never go out of style not tight and not baggy.I laughed out dudes who was wearing 5x tees looks like you have on a dress and that was more a hood thing or people who didn’t know any better. I don’t change with times the times change with me. This is piedmont park and lenox on saturday swagg. Pleas do not defend this bad behavior nor allow your kids to dress like this.. Mamba out..

  • Pceezy

    I met dude he told me he use to be a STYLIST,,,,, and this that gold everything was his FIRST SONG EVER RECORDED!!!!!,,,,, if your in the industry then u know how crazy that is,,, cars b waiting Years to get a shot in the game,,,, it’s only a few like 5 major labels left ,,, but somebody gonna throw a few dollars at him

  • Dj Abstrakt

    Why is everybody commenting on how he looks ? At the end of the day if the music is good i could care less what he’s wearing.

    • TheTruthATL

      Exactly,,, Fuk wrong with dez niggaz mane.

  • Birdman202

    But i understand in this business you can’t go against the grain and you can’t be bias. I’m just not a fan of us letting rappers and entertainers dictate was hot and fashionable. Jay said not to drink cristal no more and look what happen people stopped. the owner didn’t offend me with his comments about us drinking the champagne cristal is good to me.All i’m saying is i wish we can make our owns minds up and not follow and return to individuality.

  • Birdman202

    I’m not dissing him cause it;s a industry thing plus he’s a new comer so he’s not responsible for this movement. I hope he blow

  • williedynamite

    all these comments and nobody said nothin about lyrics … LMAO trash

  • mophead

    listen to “Give No F#cks” if you think he wack dude can spit and he sayin somthin

    ” I don’t understand these people
    jus like I don’t understand this government all I see is these new buildings
    when single mothers still struggling I still see these homeless children
    they aint even got no role models and my flow is like flat screens
    and yall niggas is floor models I get legal money and illegal money
    but even legal money aint legal homie cause the government gon take it from us
    so my middle finger is up (fuck) the best part about bein me is I aint nothin like you
    and if you were me then you probably wouldn’t like you
    the best part about life man just should be livin it
    but everytime I try man I jus keep gettin into shit
    so I aint changin for nobody if you don’t like me thats yo problem”

  • TheTruthATL

    Hahz I thought that was you, good interview. Keep doing your thing big homie, fuk what a hater think. I was ridin to the track all weekend long. Dude it’s afraid to be himself and I can respect that.

  • cooooooooooooooooolll

  • paulisha “pie”wesley