NASCAR’s Auto Club 400 had an ugly ending on Sunday. Denny Hamlin and Joey Logano crashed during the race’s final lap, allowing Kyle Busch to win the race, while Hamlin was airlifted to a local California hospital after a single-car, head-first crash into the inside wall.

Logano’s day didn’t end there, however, as Tony Stewart and Logano were involved in a fight following the conclusion of the race.

Stewart’s anger with Logano stemmed from the race’s final restart, when Stewart attempted to pass Logano, but was blocked. Stewart had an opportunity to win the race if he was able to pass Logano, but instead finished 22nd, while Logano finished sixth — despite crashing.

After the race, Stewart ran over to Logano and exchanged words — and the words escalated into an altercation.

  • 20/20

    Dangerous sport

  • bighomie53

    That’s that b#llsh!t when they don’t want you to pass so bad that they’d rather wreck you….. But hey they always say “rubbin is racin” !!!!!

  • jinrhy

    wishing a quick recovery to hamlin. can’t believe some people actual are glad that he is in the hospital myself. sidewithme debate about this and i don’t think this should ever happen to anyone…unless it’s deserved??