Reality TV Tahiry just released the behind the scenes footage from the shoot earlier, now you can watch the finished product. This is her official debut first single ‘Devil‘ featuring one verse each from Uncle Murda & Styles P and hook by singer Shannon Jones. Watch the Ibrahim “Ham” Yilla directed video after the break.

  • jamar

    people singing they need the devil now…sounds a little phucked up.

  • The Man

    she needs to lose 5 pds., tighten up and keep the phat ass then no one will be able to fcuk w/ her cause right now…she looks fat in that dress.

    dam. i had to stop watching the video just to type this.

  • DarkAssKnight

    i dont mind the extra lbs, but damn this b1tch cant sing for sh1t,auto tune didnt even help….that ass tho laaawd!