“SNL” cast member Jay Pharoah impersonates Katt Williams by defending the comedian’s latest run-in with police.

After allegedly pulling a gun on a fellow comedian last October, Williams was arrested for fighting in an Oakland, CA club a few days before this weekend’s “SNL” broadcast. So naturally, Pharoah, who is known for his arsenal of impressions, had to sit down with Seth Meyers and offer an explanation for the comic’s erratic behavior. As it turns out, Katt simply pleads “pimp.”

“Look, you see, I am what is known in the industry as a ‘crazy, drugged up maniac,'”

Here is the Katt Williams footage:

  • gogetit

    That nigga Katt Williams needs some help mane. That niggas spiraling out of control and he bout to fuck up his whole career. Dont know how niggas still pay to see this clown.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Oh wow Pharoah hit this one on the head. Katt is tripping though. Hope he don’t OD. How funny would that be to all the ppl clowning him.

  • r3llim

    See this is something that I don’t like (“Bang Bang”). Katt may be a mess but at the very least I can say that he built his career on his own platform and his own merit. He’s not ridig off being the token black guy to impersonate black celebrities like Pharoah and that unfunny fuck Kenan. Don’t get me wrong Pharoah is talented and Katt does have problems but what the hell is Pharoah going to do when he dcids to leave SNL. It’s becoming a known fact that if you are not within black hollywood (known celebs regarded amoung black folks) then your career in movies and TV is pretty much done. Look at the dude that was the Lady’s Man or Wayne Brady. Both practically were well known amoung whites mainly yet their careers are for the most part down hill. I’m just saying that Katt can easily get to rehab and release a “Pimp Chronicles” and be a hit comic again. Pharoah might want to try and build a career away from SNL like Chris Rock did otherwise he’ll just be “that funny black guy”.

  • tyuaza

    what the hell are you talking about both Tim Dowell and Wayne Brady both have successful careers thgey just now stick to what they know bet tim does improv and wayne host a bunch of daytime shows and i’ve seen jay pharoah he’s not that funny at all and he relies to much on his impressions and katt will always be funny but a comedy special wont help look at eddie’s career when was hit last a hit comedy special or starring movie role in the last five years