Serena Williams was up a set and a break in her Australian Open quarterfinal against 19-year-old American Sloane Stephens. Then, in a span of 25 minutes, she lost her serve, hurt her back while trying to avoid contact with the net, took her second injury timeout of the tournament, came away with a limp, could barely get her first serve over 90 mph, dropped her first set since the U.S. Open and went down 2-1 in the decider.

Her Wilson tennis racket was smashed to piece when it was all said and done.



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  • Presto 2.5

    Lol…chillout ma and act like you got some damn sense!…Serena alwayz been a sore loser…losing gracefully is the sign of a great champion…give the 19yr old her props…go put on a bikini and take some backshots for the team…
    and it seems she shoulda been working on her backhand…instead of parlay’n wit whyteboy…lol…cause when Drake was smashing she was winning slams and shyt…now whyteboy got her losing to competion that cant order drinks at tha bar….lol…”Just kid’n…whyteboy lovers”…lol

  • TheJudge

    well, when you on boats  swirlin with whiteboy palming that ass on a boat instead of practicing, she shouldn’t be surprised……too bad better luck next time……..FOCUS! lmao