Video: Officer Threatens To Make Up Evidence After Arrest Of Innocent Men

· February 14, 2012

SEATTLE — A Seattle police officer has been caught on tape talking about “making up” evidence while two wrongly arrested men sit in jail. It’s the latest shocker uncovered by a KOMO 4 Problem Solver investigation into the Seattle Police Department’s vanishing dashcam videos.

Josh Lawson and Christopher Franklin filed a claim against the city Monday for excessive force and wrongful arrest.The two were arrested at gunpoint on November 16, 2010 and said the incident changed their lives forever.

“I thought I was gonna die,”

Lawson said about that night.

Franklin said it was

“the most terrifying thing I’ve ever experienced.”

Both men said they suffered facial bruises and swelling after one was kicked and the other man-handled into the pavement while being arrested. But then listen to what an officer says on an audio recording after he takes the two to holding cells:

“Well, you’re going to jail for robbery that’s all.”

You then hear Franklin ask, “for robbery?” And the officer responds, “Yeah, I’m gonna make stuff up.”

Franklin believed him.

“He showed me that he has the power to do whatever he wanted that night,” he said. “He has a badge, and all we can do is nothing.”

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Police shouldn’t have quotas..

  • Red Of teamchocolate

    Just anotha Example Of

  • CrazedWords

    No comments on this yet?

    No wonder this world is still f@cked up. No one wants to talk about this type of sh2t

    • Greg4422

      There’s nothing to say…we know there’s are cops like this, but what can you do? Cops protect other cops…your best bet is to stay away from them mofo’s

  • seattleslim

    lol Seattle PD stay taking L’s! ever since the head gang unit detective got caught on tape it’s been all downhill from there lol. SPD is the most famous department on YouTube now Smh. these guys still run the city.

  • juice

    shoot em up.. “bone thug voice”

  • 4xtra

    This is beginning to be a normal event with the SPD.
    they are the leading nominee for the WORST POLICE DEPT IN AMERICA for 2012.

    Last years winner?
    Cincinnati Ohio PD

    Dekalb County GA Police

    Dekalb county fires an officer at least once a week and they get caught OFF DUTY in crackhouses on the regular
    (no…not in a raid, they be smokin wit da fiends!!)

  • BigBlackDude

    That’s why no tears are shed when a bad cop gets capped….. sometimes much less any cop!……