A swagged out version of President Barack Obama took the stage at Chicago’s McCormick Place early Wednesday morning, and delivered the most sweeping and aspirational speech of his entire 2012 campaign.

“I know that political campaigns can sometimes seem small, even silly,” Obama said. “But if you ever get a chance to talk to folks who turn out our rallies or show up on a rope line at a high school gym…you’ll find something different.”

“An operation of 300 million can be noisy and messy and complicated,” he said. “And when we go through a tough time, that necessarily stirs up passions and controversy.”

“These arguments we have are a mark of our liberty,” he continued. “Despite all of our differences, most of us share a vision of our nation’s future.”

Via Business Insider

  • Trois

    Honestly I could careless for this man’s speech. He has secured the votes of America for the 2nd term so did congress and senate. I am done with great speeches, I am here to see what the outcome of his next 4 years would be. Him winning the presidency didn’t move me not one bit because these politicians are not to be trusted. They spent over $4 billion in campaign monies and we still got the same result. Sorry to burst bubbles but the average joe down the street would not see changes to his income, if at all he will see taxes raised slightly because of the debt United states has accumulated.

    I am not trying to bring race here but he needs to do a darn good job this 4 years or he will kill it for the first “AFRICAN AMERICAN” president proper. Before you guys get mad Obama is Kenyan American. He doesn’t even associate with the black side till he needs our votes.

    • Are you Donald Trump’s secret love child from his maid? You sound stupid just like him! Have you ever taken a gov’t & economics class before? Do you think he just goes into the Oval office, sit & write sh!t down, & sign his name w/o the approval of Congress (controlled by the Republicans) & the House of Reps. (now controlled by the Democrats)? If those racist crackers in Congress & the HOR don’t agree, there’s nothing he can do about it, but try it again in another form.

      Pick a d@mn book up & read! I bet Beyonce knows this. She doesn’t have a HS diploma or GED!

    • jamar

      @Trois…i feel you…common sense doesnt come in a book…i hate speeches…taxes are gonna go up,wages on your job aint,if you lucky enough to find a job,and the next war is rite around the corner…snakes control the planet,not a president.