(Video) NY police officer threaten to ticket someone for washing a car in their own driveway

· December 17, 2013


What we do know is that YouTube user JokRKidd has a neighbor that really doesn’t like him, and that he lives in a city with some questionable law enforcement. How questionable you ask? More questionable than the laws that used to make it illegal to park a pickup truck in the driveway of a private residence at night in Coral Gables, FL.

In Garden City, NY, there is apparently a village ordinance aimed at preventing people from washing their cars (and furniture) in public places.

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  1. TRUDAT says:

    This is why Police officers are the dumbest and most ignent people on the planet, especially the cracka ass cracka ones. sMH

    One Love

  2. Jake says:

    Not defending the police, but their town council came up with the idiotic law. It’s the officer job no matter how freakin’ dumb to enforce it. This is what happened when you don’t attend your city council meetings and challenge these laws when brought forth to a vote.

  3. jamarxyz says:

    I dont want no job paying me to do all the dirty work…the people that makes these laws up can walk rite past you,and you would never know how phucked up they really are.

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