A recent Muay Thai match pitted a slender girl against a comically fat boy. As the fight began, it became increasingly obvious that girl power was going win out. Then the fat little guy started crying, which makes for extremely compelling footage.

Yeah, a good person might feel guilty for watching this. But you’ve given up the dream to be a functioning member society, so enjoy.

Via Cagewriter

  • kb3040

    You can tell by the way she put up her guard and bucked at lil chubby she wasn’t playing…I’m sorry…I did laugh…

  • sam

    its in his nature not to hit a girl.

  • Cakes(shake responsibly)

    Why would they put her against that little boy who obviously had no idea what he was in for theyre disrespecting her and being plain cruel to him smh poor baby..lol

  • H

    Yeah that was stupid. You can tell lil dude had no experience and didnt want to fight her. She had skills but if he had just rushed her she would took the L probably