Video: Lil Wayne says he Smashed Chris Bosh’s Wife

· February 18, 2013


Lil Wayne claims he isn’t 2 Pac he is the new Pac.. And he has waged war on the Miami Heat. But a video has surfaced of Wayne admitting to smashing Chris Bosh’s wife!

But he’s supposed to have said “F She-Wade, Chris Bosh, and [he] slept with his wife.




She is on the right side..

Bosh’s response..

News around the web..

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  1. JK says:

    Lil Wayne is a joke!

  2. Fdat says:

    Bosh is going to make a awkward dis record.

  3. Ice says:

    The smallest Miami Heat player would beat that lil nigga senseless

  4. Gwala says:

    This is the dumbest dude on earth.

  5. Reme says:

    Cant blame him for f@cking Bosh’s b2tch..thats on her. Dudes gone learn these hoes aint sh1t and aint nothing but groupies.

  6. Boston617 says:

    If this was before they met ain’t sh1t but if it was while they were together this is foul and bosh need to put them paws on him on sight

  7. damnshame says:

    Fuck Coon Wayne…Tupac should ghost slap this nigger-Tupac knew his culture -his mama was a Black Panther..he would never disrespect his race to satisfy white people….disrespecting Emmett Till in a rap song verse “beat it up like Emmett Till this disrespectful coon deserves execution….im done

  8. i agree pleassss kill this coon face moose pleassssshe mkes me ha8t blks an chit im f*cc’.n blk WTF kill em & sicc his dicc n his mouff kno wait… he’ll die hppy thn LMMFATFO HAHAAAA C; die moose die LOLLAMF

  9. keys says:

    Wayne need to stay away from the syrup and Molly

  10. lazarus says:

    Wayne will soon find out he’s merely mortal, however Larsa looks great. If this is some sorta attention seeking, this cat needs to lay on the long black couch. Emmet Till, really. SMH

  11. Pose says:

    Man forget Lil’ wayne… this dude is desperate for attention..

  12. 1luv says:

    This dude is getting to big for himself. Not a Bosh fan but he looked like he would beat the alien out his ass.

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