Video: Lil Reese From GBE Stomps Girl Out

· October 25, 2012

GBE’s Lil Reese got in an altercation with a girl at a house party and the fists started flying, Watch now. Fellas this is not OK.

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  1. Beauty_001 says:

    smh. room full of ****** and not one was man enough to stop him.

    • BzB says:

      there are no men in that video. just boys who grew up in a culture where females are objectified and devalued.

      nothing new, just a raw reminder that this problem is getting worse every day.

      i’d want payback, but that’s a bad cycle because revenge leads to more revenge.

  2. Wise says:

    WTF This is dangerous and very upsetting. I see the trend in boys of all races and ethnicities.

  3. LouieV says:

    These young niggas are complete idiots, but the music industry chooses them as prospects for the youth. The only way this dumbass goes to jail, if that hoodrat press charges. So, we’ll see.

  4. acv66 says:

    she clearly making death threats towards him, she got what she was asking for

  5. Ice says:

    Chicago’s f#cked up

    • CruiseControl says:

      This aint got shiiiit to do with ChiTown, this just a Lame azz weak nygga period and the nygga look pie aka soft as fcuk

  6. Truth says:

    Not condoning it but these women need to stop talking to men like they a man, some niggas are like if you gonna act like a man then I’m gonna treat you like one. Think like a man has been taken to a whole different level.

    • Priscilla says:

      To hell with you. Ya’ll always wanna try and find an excuse for a Black woman to be beaten. Get your internalized-racism having ass on out of here with that bullshit. He was clearly the aggressor in the situation.Maybe men need to man the fuck up and stop catching feelings over WORDS. The only reason they hit because the WORDS are coming from a FEMALE. If it was a man he wouldn’t have done it. That’s because too many men HATE women and HATE the thought of them not cowering in fear when they threaten them.

  7. Esko says:

    damn thats weak

  8. 2 pennies says:

    Yeh that Nigga gonna get dropped from def jam afta this sh1t.

  9. Juelz says:

    I am starting to think Chief Keef niccas don’t like females.

    • MoorFedayeen says:

      LOL You just start thinking that? 100 N1ggas in the house with their shirts off dancing with no broads in site. This was kinda fvcked up, I’ll admit. He went WAYYYYY over the top and didn’t have to. This wasn’t self defense or a justified answer like the bus incident. I doubt this dude would of turned up on another man like that so he hella weak. And the broad sounded hella rachet so no tears for her either because rachet broads are the reason lil n1ggas like this are abundant in the hood so oh well for her too.

  10. Mo says:

    His rap career is ova.SUCKAS FIGHT GIRLS… Point Blank… Period

  11. Eddie F says:

    The bus driver uppercut.

  12. Scot0 says:

    young ninjas don’t respect sh1t nowadays.

  13. Riddim says:

    And by the some of the comments made… The B1tch niggas reveal themselves…
    SUCKAS FIGHT GIRLS… Point Blank… Period…
    B1tch niggas… identify… with B1TCHASSNESS…

    Say what you want… BUT… that is an CLEAR CUT EXAMPLE… OF B1TCHASSNESS…

    Lil Reese… is a BONAFIDE… B1TCH ASS NIGGA…
    this kid lil reese is 90lbs soaking wet. He can’t even intimidate females.
    the fact that he even brought up guns while arguing with a female shows how b1tch made he is.

  14. IamShalpan says:

    Please do a concert in South East Washington, DC…. And MAke sure it’s with one of our Go-Go Bands where there is barely any security. I guarantee you’ll make the news “RapperFound Slain”!!! B*tch @$$!!!!

  15. Shizz says:

    these young niggas and niggaettes are fucking doomed.

  16. Solo says:

    sucka sh!t

  17. JoeMama says:

    Im not cosigning this but he had to play the tough role cause all his people was there and a broad was getting in his sh1t.

  18.… this ain’t a good look at all man. the question is though..who was filming all this sh1t?

  19. LETHALROG says:


  20. PC says:

    WTF is wrong with our culture where anybody thinks this is cool! So the broad pushed him, move her back and move on! Unfortunately, if a man called him out he would have called all his boys or punked out if he was by himself! Where is these cats next concert?? Somebody need to jump on stage and STOMP his ass out in front of the crowd and ask him how it feel now! Worst part is, as a culture, as Black folk, we condone this BS as “Keeping it Real”!! But he gotta pull a pistol instead of fighting another man! This ain’t just Chicago! This is world wide! A generation that don’t respect anything, not even themselves. Sh#t IS SAD!

  21. Damn homie says:

    These woman have to learn that every Nigga is not like the Simps on this website. This
    Chick crazy steppin to this high,drunk, gang banging ass young thug I’m a man and won’t do such a thing them Lil niggas crazy. I’m not saying what he did was right but these chicks need to stop running there mouths thinking because there women you can’t get yo ass whooped.

  22. Fresh718 says:

    The only fvcked up part is that they let him stomp on her….You can CLEARY see that they were fighting each other and she hit him first.”He said get out my face”

    Women need to know that some men might just hit back and defend themselves.

    • Greg4422 says:

      What I see is her trying to get them out of her house and they refused to leave. She was trying to open the door and usher them out. You have the right to throw anyone out of your house that you don’t want there.

    • U need to watch it again cuz whteva u seen I didn’t see she ask them who let them n she told them to leave he said sum thing about a gun she told him they didn’t stop making when they mad yours he turned around and put his finger on her face she touched him back and it went from there all you’ll asses need to stop cuz if it was y’all y’all asses wouldn’t b on here talking
      Like that and even if she did so he still don’t have the rite to do what he did hope his bitch ass get time

  23. Southwestern says:

    Them little Chicago niccas need daddies, bad. The s$&t is sad. I never understood the gang phenomenon. That s$&t always seemed type gay to me. I could be wrong.

  24. desolation says:

    i’m sad for her but you should’nt tough talk at someone unless you ready to go that route, man or woman. # cant talk if you live life frontin

    Shidd, i wouldn’t step to any of keef’s niggas unless I’m tryna squab for real cuz them cats demons. I know it would be a case of me or them.

    • Greg4422 says:

      you must be a female…at least I hope you are, because if you’re a dude…thats a damn shame

      • desolation says:

        lemme get the facts right. you talkin shit from behind a computer screen and tryna call me a coward…… Now you tell me who really sounds bitch made.

  25. playintraffic says:

    Yeah b*tch you gon git this work 2day! Its some real lame fakazz ‘gentlemen’ that comment on here and they have TOO MUCH fakeazz respect for women. These women dont respect you so fock dem. If a krab wanna stepup and act like she got ballz then she get dropped like she got em! These disrespectful women love these type lames on here that ‘dont fight women’, cause they send your stoopidazz out to break your back to provide for her while she chill and live a stress free life AND dictate to you when she gon give you some azz AFTER she been giving to ole boi down the street while you been at work. LOL FOCKdemITSUS

  26. CruiseControl says:

    LAME AZZZ LIL N.GGA, i always thought this nygga on video looked soft as h3ll him and chief kief manerisms are feminine , lil reese especially look soft as fcuk, like the type of nygga if you caught him alone would biiiiitch up, then ROSS got the nerve to put this wack azz lil jit on a track SMH at these so called street nyggas


  28. @desolation it sounds like u scary ass hell stop it please they not doing shit out here fuck u mean cum step to sum real niggas yo ass not gone make it back to town lbvvfs know that ain’t no other way around it

    • desolation says:

      no sir/ miss. YOU need to quit. YOU are the one e-thuggin here. If anything, that makes YOU the weak/scary one . I will admit I am afraid of niggaz like this b/c who knows what they are capable of.I wont ever make the mistake of underestimating a nigga whose shown he can be ruthless. This could’ve been even worse if one of those fools had pulled . What good would it do to kick one of these niggaz asses, if they come back and light the whole place up ? At the end of the day, I would’ve have died for what ? Your respect, please. Thank you but no thanks. I actually have people i have to look after, so i cant afford to die over some petty bullshit. Like I said, I wouldnt beef w/ none of these niggaz unless it was out of necessity/ like a life or death situation.

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