Uncle Drew da gawd and Kryptonate played at the Nike Pro City yesterday in New York City. Irving scored 47 points and Nate dropped in 44. Robinson and Kyrie Irving put on a show for the fans at Nike Pro City played at Baruch Colllege.Robinson finished with 44pts and Kyrie Irving ended up up with 47pts as Irving’s team prevailed in Overtime in a summerball classic.

from Edgar


  • Ace

    whoever can throw lobs to nate robinson can fucking throw lobs

  • Tjam

    Nate can literally fly!!

  • Uncle drew would bury little Nate lol. Nate can definitely ball tho

  • WildWild

    Nate the great

  • jamarxyz

    if Nate had some height….he would be a monster.

    • ginoBrown

      @jamar He already is…no height needed