Video: Katt Williams Slaps a Target Employee

· November 27, 2012

If Katt Williams isn’t having a public meltdown, pulling out a pistol, blacking out on fans.. he is slapping Target employes apparently. Katt is a walking time bomb ready to explode. At least he is keeping his pimp hand strong.


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Discussion12 Comments

  1. lethalrog says:


  2. MoorFedayeen says:

    Weak as hell. You call the police and let the dude ride off like that.

  3. lmao at the him leaving in the cart. i mean,would you retaliate and risk losing your job or just do what he did and call the police?

  4. damnshame says:

    am i missin somthn-cause i didn’t c no slap….where da slap @ man

  5. NoWhiteINmyCup says:

    wheres the slap ??????????

  6. th9s nicca kwill on some cracchead chit yo, tht cart says alot funny as hell tho lmmfatfo c*: emo4life

  7. Empryzz says:

    This actually happened. It was at the Target I work at, and the guy with the camera didn’t turn it on until after the sh1t had already gone down. Truth is, the guy would have been fired if he had hit back, so I don’t think it was weak. Now he gets to press charges and make some money off of this dumbass, lol.

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