Katt Williams has decided to hang up the mic after several months of odd behavior that culminated in his arrest in Seattle on Sunday for investigation of harassment, assault and obstructing police.

Katt spoke to TV station KOMO 4 and said the events of the past few days in Seattle convinced him to retire. Katt added that we was going to place an offer of $301,000 for the Washington State Ferry Rhododendron as a place to stay with his family and staff until his Thursday court date. The comedian says the city of Seattle has ruined his reputation and he plans to sue.

If they will accept our bid… I will take me and my whole staff on that boat because I still have a court date four days from now and can’t leave and I’ve been kicked out of four hotels in two days and I’ve been arrested by three different sets of officers four different times detained by two sets of officers,” he said. “I can stay there [on the ferry] and my family can be there and my dogs can be there and my whole staff can be there until we get done suing Seattle for this $50 million that I want for crippling my reputation as a father and a black man and as a taxpaying citizen and as a person who is not a convicted felon.”

Katt’s troubles in Seattle started last Thursday when he missed a show at The Paramount Theatre after his Hummer ran out of gas. He reportedly slashed the tires on the vehicle and rammed it with another car. On Friday he was accused by three fans of attacking them after a show when they tried to take a photo with him, but Katt claimed the fans forced their way into his dressing room.

On Sunday Katt got into trouble at the World Sports Grille when he threatened people with a pool cue and refused to leave. He then allegedly followed a family to their car and flicked a lit cigarette through the car window, which hit a woman just below her eye. Police say he also threw a rock at the car.

He was arrested for the incident at World Sports Grille and later bailed out by his road manager Suge Knight.

Katt told Komo 4 that the recent events were enough to force him to retire.

This was a place I like to bring my kids and let them do stuff without people caring who they were,” he said. “I got arrested in front my kids three times in my three days stay in Seattle… And all we were doing was coming into town to sell jokes and police department painted me as some sort of public menace that came to town. I’m just gonna go ahead and announce my retirement from standup, I’m kinda done. I’ve discussed it with my kids, I wasn’t gonna do it in the middle of a Seattle street, I was going to go to Los Angeles and do it in the offices of ICM or LiveNation.

  • Thabo

    What a fukcing loon.

    Oh well he had a good run, I’ll be re-watching Friday, kattpacalypse and the boondocks with his A pimp named slickback character.

  • he want $50 million out of them? ok katt…

    that yay got to him quick SMH

  • Bam6475

    Damn somethings not right he cried and everything he needs to pull a Dave Chappell and leave the industry alone and whatever else is causing this erratic behavior. Drugs may play a factor but seems like more than drugs to me.

  • Bmo

    Good his funny azz wasnt funny anyways only in movies as a character like money mike but his stand up suucked. even on instagram i would wonder if a bitc* was writing those ‘jokes’

  • MoorFedayeen

    Such an embarrassment to his race. The problem is he keeps getting bailed out when arrested. Next time he gets locked up, let him stay in there so he can dry out, and think long and hard. It works

  • BzB

    sad situation. kat had a lot of promise now he just fading away…kinda like @moor hairline.

  • brickcity kid

    The only thing REALLY funny about his comedic profession is his real life not the stand up and the movies he’s been in. that 50 million you want bruh…thats what the city of seattle will get after all those people get done suing your dumb ass.

  • The Wordologist

    I seriously think he is on drugs.

  • tyuaza

    what a sad tale that has been woven

    • Realtalkin


  • DCAssLuva

    im not shocked but 1st time i ever heard somebody say they retired from comedy though.He is a joke now everybody laughing at him idk the nigga was 43 his hair is looks terrible now.I know comics get on stage and drink on stage but this nigga get on stage high from coke and just rambling off.

    it is fuckking sad but he couldnt keep doing that pimp act forever.kevin hart starting not too be funny too me he tries too hard.

  • Birdman202

    Kevin hart has never been funny too me can’t see it. tried watching him and i’m left with a blank stare. Miss the eddie murphys and martin lawrence. Hate too see katt so fcuked uped man maybe when he’s working at ups unloading trucks he will think to himself.

  • Big ALbert

    This nicca look exactly like will smith from Hancock.lol