Video: Katt Williams A No-Show In Seattle; Arrest Reported

· November 30, 2012

L.A. stand-up performer Katt Williams has been on a comedy tour, often with an locally-based entourage, that seems to be more notable for his peculiar behavior than for punchlines.

Only days after he allegedly led cops in Sacramento on a bizarre pursuit — he reportedly rode a three-whiled motor bike on a sidewalk — Williams was a no-show at a scheduled comedy concert in Seattle last night. His absence was announced on stage.

It wasn’t immediately clear …

… why.

An opening act, Gina Yashere, stated that he had been arrested, though it wasn’t clear for what:

Hmmm… Looks like the American police have a hard on for our Katt.. They arrested him on the way to the show… Cue 4000 very pissed of Seattlans.. I had fun tho…

A tipster told us:

After four hours of opening acts, two artists being booed off stage, the fire alarm going off and fire fighters coming to paramount theater [the show was canceled]. The crowd dispersed at 12 a.m. after the emcee said “Katt had been arrested” and “all the true Katt Williams fans will stick around.” After that people left.

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Discussion6 Comments

  1. queso (The Corp) says:

    I dont see how he still getting booked for shi#

  2. 1luv says:

    Damn, this let’s me know to never buy a ticket to see him. After two hours, down here they would have started a riot.

  3. Jay Dee says:

    dis nigga got more cases than pac had.

  4. lazarus says:

    SMH twice, This nicca.

  5. big bread says:

    its over him

  6. wobeli says:

    This dude stay wildin’, c’mon bruh.

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