(Video) Joe Budden Proposes To Tahiry

· January 15, 2014


VH1 aired an episode of Love & Hip Hop which included Joe Budden proposing to Tahiry. Her reaction will be saved for the next episode. Did you like his proposal?

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Discussion9 Comments

  1. 757MaYne says:

    Good For them.

  2. Afrika says:

    She said no

  3. bobevil says:

    Joe Budden is a clown.

  4. RED(#MGCWinny2014) says:

    Tahiry ass looking good as hell in that pic

  5. Cakes(overtime) says:

    I loved the proposal I just didnt feel the love or emotion between the two of them *shrugs* like you could practically see the wheels in their heads turning….can we get a spinoff show from this,tahiry face was like all of that and no pictures of me? Lol for real

  6. R.E.X.!!! says:


    i could careless what “HOE”BUDDENS overly emotional azz do n if she do marry him DONT CRY WOLF LATER WHEN THE SHH GO SOUR,u made ur bed tahiry NOW SLEEP N IT!!!!!!

  7. BnBHP says:

    Sucka for love ass

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