Video: Gucci Mane – No Pad No Pen (Episode 1)

· March 8, 2012

In the first episode of the “No Pad No Pen” series starring Gucci Mane features Drumma Boy as well as DJ Holiday and Gucci Mane’s personal engineer Corey.

  • Big D

    No pad no pencil was a classic

  • don_mayor

    do you really need a pad and pen to spew lyrics like “is that your girl, i f*cked her at the 4 seasons” :IDEA: SMDH

  • Origin

    Exactly Don…..Gucci Man aka Sambo the rapper doesn’t need a pad and pen to bust those bubble gum raps.

    • OneSlugManagement

      I agree Gucci rhymes ain’t the best,but why he gotta be called Sambo? I’m starting to think some of you cats ain’t even black..I mean what black man says that sht?

  • ttttq

    gucci , pick up and pen and pad , you need them. cause your selling low 100k right now . if you write you might hit 500k at best. jeezy uses and pen and pad and he at 500k right now