Golden Corral cook Brandon Huber actually likes his job at the national buffet chain’s Port Orange, Florida, location.

That’s why he tried going directly to Golden Corral management first before reaching out to the media about his restaurant’s ironic efforts to avoid receiving poor health inspection marks.

But after being turned down by a number of news outlets, Huber decided to speak directly to the Internet about his branch’s practice of storing both raw and cooked foods near the dumpster ahead of the health inspector’s visit.

“I’m an employee, I’ve been working here for a long time, and I don’t think this is right,” Huber informed his viewers in the fast-rising video.

The young man is being compared to whistleblower Edward Snowden, albeit with tongue planted firmly in cheek, but the blowback Golden Corral is likely to receive from this bad practice is no joke.

  • nicca looks like brandon sales lmao. but this ain’t a surprise. i haven’t eaten at golden corral in a minute..

  • Cakes(shake responsibly)

    Thats gross well i guess Lena will have to find another spot for her 6-10 meals a day lol ok that was my last one i promise

  • President Ward

    Pulling hair and throwing haymakers = Cakes vs Lena

    • 1luv

      True, lol! But on the topic some managers are no different from the workers that don’t give a damn. To bad for the worker, he might get fired for this video.

  • crabapples

    TC gonna need a new spot for their monthly dinner parties.