French Montana releases his new video “I Think I Love Her” for Episode 7 of Coke Boys TV. With all that eye candy in the video I can see why French thinks he loves her. That chocolate chic is a famous Atlanta groupie.

  • GainBrain

    That n!#ga french the man. Him and diddy are some great marketers. Respect. Always show the high life! This shit is hot.

  • MoorFedayeen

    He better work on getting Max out. Its Max that made his wave he came on.

    • blackmanofsteel40

      Max in done….75 years….that’s a wave he’s never getting out of.

      • MoorFedayeen

        They reduced it to 50 years but theres no limit on appeals i think. He could of veat the case had he had the right folks. He can bond out to if they decide to give him another appeal but it prob will cost a couple mill for that.

  • MoorFedayeen

    Damn the chocolate one was hella chunky. The redbone in the ed hardy dress wasnt needed.

  • trap101

    dang as long as it appears like u got a stack these hoes will trip over eachother for som attention, for all we know that could be a stack of ones….smh.

  • Yo Hahz,Whats the name of the chocolate girl??

  • these niccas live ass fuck mad bitches in here legggggooooo this shit should be a uncut commercial

  • Red Of Team Chocolate

    Niggas up north Hate on the south But French tryna Bite Our sound

    It’s cool Tho

  • realtalkldn

    yep, some nice broads in this

  • huhuh

    newps 4.79??? my god wat a deal mo

  • wobeli

    The chocolate thickness, very nice.

  • TheTruthATL

    I met French I back in October on the set of the shot caller video. Really cool dude, good to see him doing well.

  • Duh

    Hot ghetto mess.