Ever since his split from CTE last year, Freddie Gibbs has remained quiet about the whole thing, until now. In this sitdown with MTV, Freddie Gibbs talks about why he joined CTE and what made him want to leave. He also talks about Young Jeezy and calls him a fraud. Finally, he mentions that he has been getting death threats on Twitter from Jeezy fans.

“I’ma make it that every time he go sit down, he gotta talk about me. He gonna have to say somethin’. You ain’t got no choice.”


  • Big_Kev23

    CTE as a lable is a joke and should be looked at as just a stepping stone to learn and get a toe in the door.Gibbs was ahead of that and sadly so is that new group he just signed DoughBoyz Cashout besides a song and waste their time.

  • Bam6475

    Jeezy put him on his album which was a subpar album but its getting close to 700k (without much promo from Def Jam), he did quite a few songs with gibbs (search it on youtube) its not his fault dude didn’t catch a buzz…it is his fault for signing a guy who doesn’t have commercial appeal.

  • Duke

    I don’t understand why Gibbs hasn’t connected…

    He got some HOT shit… NO DEBATE… but… There’s something going on with dude…

    I don’t get it… I think he’s DOPE AS HELL… but… I don’t know…

  • desolation

    niggaz who sign w/ jeezy obviously aren’t history buffs. If they were, they’d know that pretty much everyone who has signed to jeezy fell out with him later. If a bunch a ppl tell me not trust a particular cat out here, i’m not trusting that dude b/c more than 3 ppl aren’t gonna tell you the same lie.

    • al-ahmadi

      What’s crazy is, for as much shit as he takes for being a fraud Rick Ross definitely puts on for his artists. 50 and Ross are just about the only two that will actually push somebody signed to them. Anybody can sign a nigga like a drake who would’ve been gettin his regardless and ride his coattails to multiplat albums but it takes real faith in an artist to actually create the buzz for them and make sure they succeed. Wale and Lloyd banks are two perfect examples.

      • NoWhiteInMyCup

        @AL, big kev, and bam yall all saying some real shiiit from different perspectives.

        Blood raw done came and kicked it with us plenty times in polk county, one of the most down to earth realist niccaz.

        But historically Jeezy signing a nicca is nothing more than him fcuking with someone connected to the streets, nothing more nothing less, actually BLOOD RAW maybe the only nicca that got an album.

        What niccaz need to realize is that no man owes you shiiit. Drake, nicki, tyga all made niccaz and had to earn their buzz even after affiliation with weezy, technically lil wayne aint do shiiit for them but cosigned them.

        Niccaz cant really be mad at jeezy because h3ll he cant put his own damnnn album out.

        • al-ahmadi

          You’re right no man owes anybody else shit, but you and I both know these labels are selling champagne and caviar dreams to these niggaz before they get signed. True labels are shady regardless, but at least find one that’ll actually push not just sit ya ass on the bench to rot away writing hooks or ghosting. Smdh, if you see that Rick Ross Oil Money video he got Stalley on the commercial before HIS song starts up. THAT is pushing an artist and doing what you can to see they succeed.

  • gibbs never will make it

    • NoWhiteInMyCup

      and ITS sad because jeezy knew signing him and others that it was just for affiliation.

      JEEZY CANT even put out his own dammmnnn album and he is a president of or vice president of atlantic just reality.

      The difference betewen ROSS and Jeezy is that Ross actually studied the artform, as fake as ross flosses, musically he is a beast and he signs talent i.e wale, stalley meek etc, jeezy was hyped off BMF, ADLIBS and powder raps, take that away and nicca just a regular has been, but i dont hate jeezy because like i said anicca dont owe you shiit.

      But what jeezy needs to stop doing is making it seem like he signing niccz when in reality all he is doing is reallyaffiliating himself with them.

      JEEZY sign niccaz and take them down to south beach on memorial day , which is played out and overated to a tee, that shiit middles school, let dem play in a few cars and live a little and then back to reality

  • 828jeffe

    I knew when they first linked up that it wasn’t gonna work out. The songs that they made together were good but I knew Gibbs wasn’t gonna get put out on a major. Jeezy definitely gave him some exposure but it was when he was putting out his project. Gibbs would have been a platinum artist 15years ago. No knock to him but his music isn’t radio friendly. I’m a big fan of his but he is gonna be underground. He should get his bread and keep pushing cause I’m sure he does his fair share of shows

  • Playboy69

    Freddie Gibbs is from Gray Indiana not from GA!…He needs to go home too123 Jackson Street!….Cuz He is the fraud….LOL!

  • Strait Black

    Indeed Bro. It’s so many phony imposters in the entertainment business.

  • Tony 219

    I’m from Gary too mutha fucka n it’s been Murder capital all through out the 90s n 2000s. I don’t know what’s fraud about him I grew up next to the nigga do you history on Gary n 2300 Jackson st. Don’t get twisted playboy u wouldn’t last a day n Gary fact. Do yo thang Gibbs get yo money nomatter what bruh u made from nothing. Tell this nigga GOOGLE Gary n see what u come up with.

    • Big ALbert

      Gary aint no joke. I’ve been through there a few times.