I don’t think I enjoy watching any one on TV more then the NBA TNT crew right now. Last night Ernie Johnson and Charles Barkley re-enacted some words from their Boondocks parody after Flo Rida’s manager got escorted out the building.


This white lady was looking mad uncomfortable, she looked like she was thinking about what she was going to write to David Stern after the game was over.

  • MalleG’z


  • Oh boy oh boy



  • Pceezy

    Flo stay over seas and Vegas,,,,, he no where near the hood

    • MoorDetroitRed

      And that’s good right? Flo in a better position then 99% of the rappers. He one of the few real Bugatti Boys.

  • presto 2.5

    if you watch a cartoon that makes us look ignorant as hell and teaches your kids to be thugs…you need to grow the fuk up


  • Pceezy

    I swear the NFL need a team like this,,, dion sanders on NFL network is close to Charles Barkley we have

  • blizzy

    that old broad went right to pat riley and mickey arison and said “how dare u sit me next to some colored”