If you could not attend and wanted to, check out this video of Chris Lighty’s funeral service at the Frank E. Campbell Funeral Chapel, the same parlor of Biggie & Aaliyah’s funerals. Many friends in the industry were in attendance for the service. R.I.P.

Spotted: RR

  • jamar

    a lot of people go to funerals just to be seen…when one of my partners got killed,half the people there didnt even give a phuck about who was laying in the caskit…they just needed an excuse to put some clothes on and be seen.

    • Big El


    • Mister Mister

      I hear you, but I dunno – based off the video, it seems like 50 was actually touched, along with Mary J & Lauryn

      • Renea

        I agree…Laurn Hill wouldn’t show up to fake the funk. 50 Cent did look Genuinely touched too. Also, 50 cent is bringing in his own independent team to investigate Chris’ death. There is love there.

  • Jamez

    yayo and banks couldnt put on a suit??? smh…

  • These dude made some serious money and still didn’t spend any on a suit. SMMFH…ghetto mentality at it’s finest! Everyone knows a man needs to have at least 4 suits and dress shoes to match. Nigg@s had on their “going to the club” clothes. Tacky!

  • slick

    i guess fat joe and fif finally ran into each other