Video: Bria Murphy, Shane Murphy Headed To Let The Kids Grow Foundation’s Holiday Gala

· December 2, 2012

Bria Murphy, Shane Murphy and Romeo Miller arrive at Let The Kids Grow Foundation’s Holiday Gala on Dec 02, 2012 – The Beverly Wilshire Four Seasons Hotel – Beverly Hills, California, United States. These two sisters are going to be a problem.

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Discussion4 Comments

  1. Deedog says:

    They both are pretty young ladies

  2. Mister Mister says:

    Must not be fun having to move at a snail’s pace for all them pics, Shane didn’t look like she was having fun. Bria is real pretty.

    Guess Romeo ain’t get his height from his pops

  3. jamar says:

    wouldnt want no part of this kind of lifestyle…gimme the money…phuck the fame.

  4. NoWhiteINmyCup says:

    They are both beautiful look like younger one will be prettier, and Bria is certified

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